Heavenly Kibble Guardian Corgi #1 – A small corgi has a big secret– she’s a magical girl superhero trying to save the world! What would you do if you discovered that your dog was a superhero? Find out what happens when one owner wakes up to find that her dog must transform to rescue the planet from the evil cat queen!

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Heavenly Kibble Guardian Corgi #2 – Guardian Corgi and her quirky, talking “animal” companion are back for another adventure! Local dogs have been turning up brainwashed, so there must be a new villain afoot! Or is it… apaw?

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Heavenly Kibble Guardian Corgi #3 – Guardian Corgi has got some real trouble on her paws– she’s in over her head with a feathery fiend! With her normal companion out of action and a mysterious feline hampering her progress, it looks like she’s gonna need to recruit some help to save the world this time!

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Clucked #1 – Adventure! Danger! Space Chicken? When our plucky hero, Major Sanders, crash lands on a dangerous planet, he’s horrified to discover that his kind are the galaxy’s favorite meal! He’s rescued from the slavering hordes by a mysterious ally, but can he ever really trust a reformed chicken-eater?

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The Ladybugs Anthology #1Brace yourself for the hip new anthology hitting the Manhattan Beach scene — THE LADYBUG ANTHOLOGY — brought to you courtesy of the Los Angeles Women’s Comic Creator League (aka the Ladybugs) and the Comic Bug in Manhattan Beach, CA. The LADYBUG ANTHOLOGY will be the first of many anthologies to come out of the Ladybugs featuring all women creators.

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The Ladybugs Anthology #2: The MANthologyThe MANthology is a comic anthology dedicated to putting men in positions typically reserved for women. This book is packing some serious heat, with 14 stories by 28 contributors, and pinup section that really puts the “men” in empowerment. Each story focuses on a different sexist trope, ranging from magical boys, to men in refrigerators. We want to start a conversation about why these storytelling devices are restricted to women, and how media representation matters. There’s even a small glossary in the back for readers who want to learn more. Not only is this book educational, it’s also charming, hilarious, and chock-full of sexy sexy men.

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