About Joie


My name is Joie (Brown) Foster. I scribble cuteness, sketch quirks, paint attitude, and herd cats. Okay. Technically I don’t herd cats, but keeping-up with Photoshop layers is pretty much the exact same thing, right? I graduated with an MFA in Illustration from the Academy of Art University, and I currently do illustration full time. I live in Los Angeles with my pretends-to-be-a-dinosaur husband Joel and my  jolly, stump-legged corgi Rylee.



Joie Foster
PO Box 1785
Culver City, CA 90231

Some titles I’ve worked on:

Some people I’ve drawn pictures for:

Aspen Comics, BOOM! Studios,  Thrillbent Comics, Signal Fire Studios, Crafty Games, Phalanx Consortium, RIVA Creative USA, Space Monkeys Down, DVI Group, Worth Taking, F5 Systems, Oxinfree Studios, The ComboDropper, Date Knights, Kung Fu Monkey, Yaya Han, Blue Moon Card Company, Dead Gentlemen Productions, and FlamingoRich Studios.

Some places I’ve been around the web:


Random Facts:

Favorite Cake? Depends on the time of year. Confetti cake, carrot cake, chocolate, and red velvet all jockey for 1st place.
Favorite Wine? Cabernet Sauvignon
Astrological Sign? Taurus
Do I like cheese? Infinity yes!
Glitter? Always
Patronus? Unicorn
Hobbies? Ballet, playing video games, and learning to be a foodie.